Our History

Our long journey of innovation across the globe

  • Humble Beginnings

    Humble Beginnings

    Romania, Europe - November 2011

    Our long journey starts up as a small, highly-specialised agency in Europe focused on eCommerce and Inventory Software across South and Eastern European Markets. As a young company with an ever-ambitious team, we were moving fast and capitalising on the emerging digital space in the region.

  • Learn, Adapt and Innovate

    Learn, Adapt and Innovate

    Across European Union - January 2014

    With an active customer roster and a deep understanding of the industry, we started expanding our area of operation from selling single-purpose platforms to developing and operating large-scale Web, Mobile and Corporate platforms.

  • Regional Expansion

    Regional Expansion

    London, United Kingdom - October 2017

    Seizing the booming Financial and FinTech sector, we've opened our first office in the modern London Financial Center of Canary Wharf. Working closely with highly innovative companies, we were at the epicentre of the new financial industry.

  • Heading Across the Pond

    Heading Across the Pond

    San Francisco, United States - November 2017

    Given the fast rate of expansion from our European markets, we've decided to go beyond the Old Continent and open a new office in the United States. Our first location was in the heart of the bustling Financial District in San Francisco.

  • West, meet East

    West, meet East

    CBD, Singapore - March 2018

    With operations on both the Old and New continent, our expansion guided us to new and exotic locations. Technology is fast-moving and fiercely competitive - in no other place, this is more applicable than on the tropical shores of Singapore. Welcome to Asia!

  • One Name, One Vision

    One Name, One Vision

    Global - April 2019

    With global expansion in check, we have turned our attention to adopting a universal brand and mission that resonates across tens of countries and three continents. ikigai.net is born, inspired by the exceptional Japanese concept which perfectly balances Love, Skills, Work and Social Impact to find the "Reason for Being".

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ikigai.net embraces a new approach for technology consulting by creating the perfect balance between Work, Skills, Passion and Social Impact.

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