Next Generation Cloud

Enabling synergy between a global network of cloud providers

Cloud Technology is an ever-evolving field, with a large amount of competition speeding innovation for customers worldwide. Next Generation, in the cloud has less to do with the cloud itself and is more focused on sophisticated, well-planned Cloud Strategies designed from an early stage of the development cycle.

At, our view is that Next Generation of Cloud is not about the capabilities of a single provider, but instead the ability to design and develop applications in an entirely Cloud Agnostic manner.

Orchestrating Cloud Services

Across the industry, many providers offer highly competitive offerings with a focus on speed, capacity and cost-effectiveness.

Within an adequately designed Cloud Architecture plan, a business must allow itself the flexibility to orchestrate many vendor platforms from their application logic and allocate resources depending on the highly-specific business requirements.

As an example, a business working with customers across sparse geographies might utilize one cloud provider in North America, leverage the network proximity of another in Europe and enable an emerging provider within a high-growth region in Asia.

Maximizing Cloud Incentives

Cloud services backed by large providers will often issue generous incentives to enable adoption. Within the industry, customer acquisition & integration is the hardest challenge faced. Companies that lack a proper strategy will often find themselves locked in vendor-specific solutions and accumulate data debt at a rate in which migration becomes an unsuitable option.

When a business prepares a Cloud Strategy, taking into account the specific elements and requirements of the platform alongside available incentives, opportunities and offerings from vendors can yield substantial savings in both the short term and especially the entirety of the application lifecycle.

At, we’re working with vendors of all shapes and sizes, building platforms and applications with a Cloud Agnostic design. Based on our experience, we can help your business to understand the implications of a well-designed Cloud Strategy and how that can result in substantial savings.

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