Cloud Consulting

Limitless computing resources enable infinite business expansion

Businesses of any size can empower the Cloud to optimize their process, from development to testing and even production platforms. When employing a proper Cloud Architecture within a company, it can be used to reduce operational overhead, optimize launch times of new products and expand into new markets at nominal costs.

At, we have assisted customers in utilizing cloud-based technologies at multiple steps of their journey to innovate. Start-ups can take advantage of the low upfront cost required by cloud solutions while mature businesses can simplify the expansion and launch timeframes.

Cloud Architecture & Strategy

At the heart of any successful cloud-based product is a properly planned and executed Cloud Architecture plan, uniquely created for the specific needs of the business.

Companies that leverage a Cloud Architecture & Strategy at the start of their cloud journey have the advantage of a clear plan for each step of their process.

Cloud Computing

One of the most attractive components offered by Cloud providers comes in the form of nearly unlimited access to on-demand computing capacity. All large and small cloud providers center their entire portfolio around access to virtualized processing capabilities.

The most substantial challenge faced by a business that is leveraging cloud services to run or complement their infrastructure is appropriately identifying the levels of service, commitment and size of their cloud computing networks.

At, we have the experience required to first and foremost understand what the computing requirements of each customer are and which appropriate cloud offerings can be employed to resolve their challenge.

This level of knowledge alone can yield substantial savings in both operating costs and product efficiency.

Cloud Services

Within the extensive portfolios of cloud services offered by all major players in the industry there are multiple managed or proprietary services provided as additional solutions.

We specialize in helping customers identify the right services that can be employed at every step of the product development and release process, while at the same time reducing the risk of vendor lock-in.

Cloud Storage & Data Retention

Based on our experience working with customers of all sizes, one of the often overlooked elements of their Cloud Architecture is a lack of data retention, gathering and storage policies.

Having access to very cost-effective cloud storage with unlimited growth potential can at the same time become of the company’s most expensive infrastructure cost.

At, we specialize in identifying proper data collection, labelling and automatic storage retention policies which can help reduce data duplication, simplify data access and in some extreme cases, lower cloud infrastructure costs up to 80%.

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