Finding the right balance in a world of constant change

ikigai, the perfect balance of Love, Skill, Work and Social Impact
ikigai, 生き甲斐, represents the perfect balance between Work, Skills, Passion and Social Impact.
Social Impact

ikigai.net is a global Innovation Center with a focus on obtaining the perfect balance between business operations and technical efficiency.

Reason for Innovation

At ikigai.net, our entire business philosophy revolves around the Japanese concept of “ikigai”, which means finding “a reason for being”.

Ikigai proposes obtaining the perfect balance in life between the things you love doing (passion), the ones you can generate revenue from (work), what you are good at (skills) and what the world around you needs (vocation).

ikigai.net embodies the very same principles in the ever-evolving world of Technology. With our approach, we aim to combine beautiful, well-designed solutions which are sustainable and bring a positive impact in the industry they activate. Therefore, achieving ikigai in the modern world.

Our Long Journey to ikigai.net

Our innovation journey started as a small consulting agency in Europe providing very focused results and services for a worldwide audience. Over the past years, we have grown from a single shop to a global network of companies spanning three continents.

From humble beginnings, our primary focus has been in creating value in anything that we do, and our passion drove this desire further with every new collaboration.

Starting in April 2019, we’ve merged all of our global operations under a single, beautiful brand that transparently expresses our core values at ikigai.net.

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Tailor Made Consulting Services

ikigai.net provides consulting services that match your business requirements:

Your Reason for Innovation

ikigai.net embraces a new approach for technology consulting by creating the perfect balance between Work, Skills, Passion and Social Impact.

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