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Security is an ever-evolving field, with a tremendous amount of potential threats, challenges and obstacles. A proper digital security plan requires us to continuously understand the entirety of the technology business process, identify possible weakness and patch exploits in the shortest time possible.

Identifying Existing Threats

Across all mature technologically-enabled companies and even young start-ups suffering from high technology debt due to to early-stage decisions, there are multiple live vectors of attacks due to outdated vendor software, unpatched open source code or improperly configured security or networking policies.

Network Security

At, the most common vulnerabilities identified in customer infrastructure originate from improperly configured networks and policies, granting unrestricted and unaudited access to sensitive services. A malicious party can efficiently utilize such an exploit to extrapolate critical company records, access raw data or even perform modifications on company data clusters.

Due to the technical simplicity of this attack vector, combined with the potential for damage, we consider network security to be the first and foremost element analyzed and patched within customer infrastructures.

Protecting against network attacks requires a detailed analysis of the entirety of the customer network layed, combined with a deep understanding of the public-facing elements of the business. In network security, we believe that exposing as few services as possible and on a whitelist-basis can provide exceptional advantages.

Active Zero-Day Exploit Prevention

While vendor or open-source derived exploits enjoy a much simpler resolution and can be patched using easily accessible online resources, a determined attacker can probe and dedicate resources in identifying zero-day vulnerabilities within proprietary software for malicious purposes.

While protecting against a zero-day exploit cannot be performed directly, the concept we employ at implements “Layered Security”. Using layered security, we are capable of separating critical elements of the infrastructure within self-independent layers, which increases the complexity of an attack exponentially.

Within a properly designed business infrastructure leveraging Layered Security, even a successful outside attack, penetrating of the layers, will face exponentially complex challenges to reach the same level of access as it would in a flat infrastructure.

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