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Disrupting today's industries and building tomorrow's legacy, as a global Innovation Center, we are leveraging our expertise in the industry and providing high-quality experiences for our customers and their clients, across multiple sectors, markets and company sizes.

We value one principle more than anything else - identifying your “reason for innovation”. This simple statement stands at the core of our business and what makes us unique.

Your Business, Our Technology

As a consulting agency focused on innovation, our process relies profoundly on understanding our customers, their needs and business process through extensive research and market analysis.

Following a comprehensive, customer-involved analysis we will leverage the experience of our Software Architects, working closely together with our customers to create a sophisticated Architecture & Execution plan.

After extensive research and planning, an approved Software Architecture plan is then executed meticulously by a team of highly specialized engineers. Each of our engineers is carefully selected for their capability to bring a grand vision to life and directly contribute using their extensive industry experience.

Innovation in all Shapes and Sizes

We specialize in delivering dedicated consulting services for multiple types of customer profiles, ranging from small, disruptive companies to long-living, established corporates.

Young, Innovative Start-ups Assisting young, innovative corporations architect, design and develop their product in a hyper-competitive market. Our focus is

Small & Medium Enterprises Helping mature businesses to improve their core business proposition, create technology processes and embed automation in the very heart of their product and service offerings.

Corporate Customers Supporting Enterprises attempting to leverage innovations, emerging technologies and new market opportunities across fast-growing sectors.

ikigai, 生き甲斐, represents the perfect balance between Work, Skills, Passion and Social Impact.
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Finding the Reason for Innovation across three continents and serving over 39 countries. Global Vision with a Local Impact.
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Your Reason for Innovation embraces a new approach for technology consulting by creating the perfect balance between Work, Skills, Passion and Social Impact.

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