Hybrid Cloud

Connecting on-premise infrastructures with infinite cloud resources

Modern platforms rely on distributing their workload across multiple infrastructure clusters, optimized depending on the operational, cost or legal requirements of each application.

Expanding On-Premise Capacity

Working with customers that already operate hardware infrastructure on-premise, or utilize bare metal services, to handle the vast of their computing requirements can complement their existing capabilities with an external cloud provider.

When augmenting an existing operational infrastructure with a cloud provider, there are multiple elements which must be considered, such as latency between infrastructures, bandwidth capabilities and technological complexity introduced.

ikigai.net has worked with customers expanding their existing infrastructure with cloud offerings, and we can assist your business to understand the implications of such a process.

Leveraging On-Site Hardware

Companies with a successful cloud offering are capable of further optimizing their operational costs by taking advantage of on-premise hardware to complement their existing cloud infrastructure.

When operating at a scale, either storing considerable quantities of data or utilizing large amounts of computing power, purchasing on-premise hardware can yield savings.

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