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Finding the perfect balance in your life and in technology

In everything that we do in our daily lives or business activities, we find ourselves with a constant struggle to obtain an ideal balance. Within the Japanese culture, known for their intense determination and commitment, a philosophical concept emerges which embodies the very elements required to reach true fulfillment.

Finding your balance in life

Ikigai is a traditional Japanese concept which means finding your “reason for being”. Such a task requires striking the perfect balance between four fundamental aspects parts of ones’ life.

What are the things you love?
Finding your passions and deep desires, bringing them to the surface and nurturing their development to blossom and make you feel alive.

What is it that you’re great at doing?
Building and growing your unique skills, abilities and industry experience that define your professional career and ability to perform in your domain of choice.

What are your valuable contributions to society?
The societal impact of our actions tends to be the most overlooked factor in our life. Living in an incredibly interconnected world, we can often misunderstand that every one of our activities and interactions is responsible for our modern environment.

What is the job that earns you a living?
Understanding your contributions to the commercial environment around you that allow you to make a living, including day-to-day job, provided services or trade activities.

Ikigai exists at the intersection of these four fundamental parts of life, and it embodies a beautiful purpose: finding something that you love doing, you’re great at doing it, you get paid for doing it and brings a positive impact to the society around you.


At, we have been actively studying ikigai in our daily lives and want to bring this concept forward to the world of technology and digital innovation.

Finding the balance between the sophisticated world of the technology, the business environment, financial and societal impact requires adopting a modern approach to working.

ikigai, 生き甲斐, represents the perfect balance between Work, Skills, Passion and Social Impact.
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