Cloud Migration

Transferring business-critical applications to a modern environment

The vast majority of existing businesses, of all shapes or sized, have been responsible for managing their data and computing capability over the entirety of their existence.

Cloud Migration is a gradual process, where the needs of your business are analyzed, and a Migration Plan is created to detail the process.

Analysis & Cost Advantage

A well-executed Cloud Migration must start with a comprehensive Migration Analysis plan, where the entirety of the business on-premise IT infrastructure is analyzed.

Each business has its own methodologies and processes, making this a very important process to ensure the Cloud Migration will be a successful endeavour.

Depending on the utilization ratio, capability and maintenance costs for on-premise hardware, most businesses can access substantial savings, with a quick return of investment.

Identifying Vendors

Within the ever-evolving space of Cloud Services, picking the right vendor is an involved process, requiring a sophisticated understanding of both your business requirements and the capabilities provided by the vendor.

Planning Migration

Minimizing impact, on both business operations and your customers is a complex challenge faced when migrating to a cloud infrastructure. Most well-executed plans require a multi-layered approach, where some aspects of the cluster migrate in advance, and both platforms operate together to ensure uninterrupted access.

Training Existing Teams

Often, the most complex element incurred by a Cloud Migration strategy has very little to do with the technology itself but instead training your existing team to implement, adopt and operate a new infrastructure which is not on your premise. can help your business understand Cloud offerings from relevant providers, plan migration and train your team on how to efficiently use the new systems at their disposal.

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