Proper Software Architecture

Obtaining a balance between fast time-to-market and long-term sustainability.

Software Architecture is one of the most critical aspects of any Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) which can be often overlooked with significant consequences throughout the entire lifetime of the product.

Understanding Risks and Challenges

When designing a new software-based solution, a balance needs be identified in accordance with business requirements, software capabilities, security or sustainability models and speed to market.

Many young companies or existing businesses employing immature development practices overlook essential aspects of the product cycle, focusing on fast iteration and not long-term sustainability.

Each decision which sets long-term consequences aside has the potential of snowballing simplistic shortcuts into long-term challenges affecting the capacity, iteration speed and even product market fit of the business.

Young companies are often the ones most affected by technology debt - without having identified a proper product-market fit, they innovate at fast speeds and overlook many aspects of healthy development processes.

While this a tremendous advantage for a fast-moving company, technology debt becomes crippling after too many iteration cycles, making further innovation slow, troublesome and demotivating for the engineering department.

Overlooking Security

Within any well-designed Software Architecture Plan, a capable advisor analyzes the business from all sides to identify potential threat vectors, attack patterns or even structural weaknesses.

Proper Planning, Security Training and Certification for software developers and engineers working on building the end-product can yield a substantial return of investment. Well-built software, having security modelled part of the platform requirements prevents a vast array of obstacles.

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